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The 4.7 hectare property sits at approximately 600 feet above sea level. One hectare is under hybrids and an additional hectare, under viniferas, was planted in June 2021. We grow 6 different grape varieties: Adalmiina and Chardonnay for whites; Radisson, Sabrevois, Pionnier and Pinot Noir for reds.


” The vineyard is divided into 5 blocks: Heritage Block, Les Mal-Aimés Rouge, P2, L’Aldalmiina and Rockstar Block. All are farmed organically. “

The vineyard benefits from several factors that make it a unique site for winegrowing. Located at the foot of the mountainous region of the Laurentians, known as the Laurentian Piedmont, our site is greatly influenced by the topography of the region and its soil type, the Pontiac Loam. These soils consist of a thin deposit of loam on a deep bed of clay.

Lacustro-marine deposits whose fine texture has certain similarities with marine clays cover a large part of ​​the region. Due to their texture and geographic position, the vineyard soils are well drained, permeable and well aerated. The north and south orientation of the vines allows maximum exposure to the sun.

The almost daily morning fog refreshes the vineyard, and the late morning and mid-afternoon winds act as a dryer, ensuring that the grapes are free from moisture and mold and thereby disease. When the winter comes, our geographic position ensures excellent snow cover which protects the vines from our harsher climate. All these factors are an integral part of our unique terroir and allow us to grow our grape varieties under optimal growing conditions.